Shared Pulpit Worship May 29, 2022

Our hosts for Shared Pulpit Worship this week will be Allegheny UU, who will be hosting a very special guest speaker on May 29th. They are pleased and honored to be hosting Tim Stevens. Tim Stevens served as president of the NAACP Pittsburgh branch from 1994–2004. He also helped to establish the Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP, seated in the Hill District) in 1986, of which he is the current CEO and chairman. The goal of B-PEP is to empower African Americans to vote. Stevens has also made it his goal to address police brutality, lack of opportunity for African Americans and struggles of marginalized communities.

Mr. Stevens will begin speaking at 11am. From 1030-11, Allegheny will be offering their Soul Space, a time of reflection and contemplation. Here is the login information:

Login/Zoom Info

meeting id 816 3285 5946

passcode 292630