River Rising Youth Immersion Experience July 5-11 2020 at UU Church of the North Hills

These times of change and uncertainty call for a certain kind of UU leadership - rooted in our Unitarian, Universalist and Unitarian Universalist history but also ready to re-examine and question old narratives and ways of being. A leadership that honors our ancestors while making way for new innovative and emergent voices. A leadership grounded in justice, skilled in listening and able to move between support, witness, organizing and pastoral care within our congregations and in the wider world.
Youth attending the 2020 River Rising Youth Immersion Experience will spend a week creating community and learning to care for that community spiritually, pastorally and physically. They will have conversations about how Unitarian, Universalist and Unitarian Universalist values influence their own sense of purpose and work on articulating their own faith based values. Leadership will be approached as a continual process of self-reflection, group processing and practice work. And they’ll have a lot fun just hanging out and playing together!
This River Rising program, formerly known as Goldmine, is sponsored by the Central East Region of the UUA and is intended for youth entering grades 10-12 or the equivalent home school age ready to take their leadership skills and spiritual journey to the next level.
Two River Rising sessions will be offered this summer: July 5-11 2020 at the UU Church of the North Hills near Pittsburgh and July 27-August 2 2020 at Main Line UU Church near Philadelphia.
Scholarships are available! The UUA offers half scholarships which are normally matched with half funding from home congregations of applicants. For 2020, the UUs of Greater Pittsburgh have also dedicated Youth scholarship monies to augment this funding formula to make participation even more possible.
The application deadline is June 1 2020.
More at uua.org/central-east/youth/goldmine