Introducing Shared Online Worship Services!

On March 12 2020 the Unitarian Universalist Association offered COVID-19 guidance that advised all UU congregations to limit gatherings of 25 or more people.
On March 15 2020 UUs of Greater Pittsburgh congregations began offering online or virtual worship services.
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to deepen across the country, Pennsylvanians remain under a COVID-19 Stay At Home Order and it seems clear that it will be a while until we can gather in-person again.
In response, our UUs of Greater Pittsburgh congregations are creating worship and community in new ways! Beginning with Sunday May 3 2020, several of our congregations are now collaborating to offer a weekly "Common Worship" or "Shared Pulpit" worship service. Instead of an individual post each week we'll consolidate these under the Worship tab of the UUs of Greater Pittsburgh website at We'll continue to update this page regularly with the latest info and links.
Stay away, stay safe, stay connected!