Faithify for First UU Church of Indiana

I am so excited that First UU Church of Indiana's campaign to raise $3,500 for an increase of 5% to our ministry offer for the coming year has been approved and has kicked off on Faithify! This is an all-or-nothing campaign; either we raise the money or it goes back to donors, so now is the time to let friends and families, members and church friends, and the wider community know that our congregation intends to come out of this pandemic with a strong ministry that supports the growth of our church and the sharing of UU values in and well beyond Indiana County!
How can you help? There are three major ways.
1. Donate!
If you can make a donation of $10, $35 (if 100 people each give this much, we're set!), or even $100 today, to get us started, that would be excellent. We've got two weeks to make our goal, but if we can do it in one, just think of the stress you'll save this congregation's Board and the Search Team!
2. Comment!
Even if you can't give money right now, please make a comment about why you support this campaign. Tell your friends and community about what the increase in ministry hours could mean to the greater Pittsburgh area and Appalachia, and why you're excited!
3. Share!
You can send this link to 3 friends and ask them to support our ministry, even if they don't attend or aren't from this area. Let them know what it means to you and your family to have the Unitarian Universalist church exist in this corner of Appalachia. Tell them what we do as a resource for trans people, kids who need sex ed, people from multi-faith backgrounds, folks looking to do environmental justice or refugee support, and so much more! And then, ask if they could chip in $10 or $20 to make that difference a little bigger?
Thanks to everyone for being involved and supporting this congregation! Really excited about the campaign (so excited that I already put in $100 bucks, so we're 3% of the way closer to our goal!), and ready to rock this over the course of the next two weeks. Let's make First UU Church of Indiana grow!
In faith,
Rev. Elizabeth Mount
My pronouns are they/them/theirs
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Indiana, Pennsylvania
Worship with us at 10:30am on Sunday