Environmental Justice and Beloved Belonging: Living into UU Principles and Inspiring Sustainable Equity

The Environmental Justice Team of the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh
is excited to invite you to join us on our path toward racial and environmental justice

Kim Diana Connolly, UU Church of Amherst, NY
Sunday, Oct. 2 at 4:30 PM

What are we as UU’s to do about equity and our interconnected existence? For many years we’ve read about the environment, studied racial and cultural justice, talked about both of them, put up solar panels and Black Lives Matter signs, and gone to marches. But what have we DONE? Of course, more than that short list...but not enough. It’s time to listen to, and partner with, those most impacted by environmental and climate devastation. We need to figure out how to effectively collaborate with communities on the front line, and find out how to provide truly helpful climate and environmental action.
Kim Diana Connolly works as an environmental law professor at University at Buffalo School of Law - SUNY, is a member of the UUAmherst congregation in New York, and has been a member of the Central East Region Summer Institute Committee on Ministry. She has been doing environmental justice work (both professionally and as a volunteer) since the 1980’s and is active in 8th Principle work and climate justice work as a UU.