UU Pride Guide 6/03/2023

Greetings all,
The Unitarian Universalists of Greater Pittsburgh will be marching in the Pride Parade this coming Saturday.
There are NO assigned spaces, Just Zones. We are in Zone 3 – Liberty Ave from 13th street to 14th street. We will not know the line up order until we arrive onsite and are placed in order by the parade volunteers on Saturday morning. Mary Redford and her family will be onsite early to ensure we have our spot!
I suggest folks go to Liberty Ave and 14th street and walk southwest towards downtown until you see the UUs of Greater Pittsburgh Banner as well as a red wagon with pride decorations and some balloons, as (despite the instructions I was given) 13th street does not actually connect with Liberty Ave.
The March/Parade will begin at noon. Please try and be with our group by 11:45am.
Mary Redford can be reached on her cell phone at: 978-430-6611 if you are lost or can’t find us.
Looking forward to seeing everyone’s PRIDE attire!