7:30am - Wake, make a cup of joe, and read the newspaper. Walk the dog. Or the cat.
8:10am - This is around the time that you start thinking "If I consider myself spiritual, not religious...can I remain in pajamas today?"
9am - Whatever you do, do not turn on CBS Sunday Morning or look at the guest list for Meet the Press!
10am - Service at South Hills begins.
10:30am - Services begin at Allegheny (North Side), First Unitarian (Shadyside), North Hills, East Suburban (Murrysville), Indiana, Ligonier, and at Ohio Valley.
10:45am - Service begins at Morgantown.
11am - Service begins at Ginger Hill (Slippery Rock) and at Smithton.
12:30pm - Trust us, you'll be glad you went to church today!
Arrive early! Especially if you're a visitor. Meet some folks, make a nametag, ask some questions, get a feel for the place. You'll have a much better experience if you don't rush in as the service is starting.
Services are typically followed by fellowship time for mingling, conversation, and reflection on the just-concluded service, and sometimes Q&A or "talk back" with the minister or speaker. There will likely be coffee, maybe even snacks! Stick around for a while and chat. Agree to bring some snacks next week! Then go have a nice lunch.
Beforehand, you should check for schedule updates, special times, religious education, availability of child care, and other information specific to the church and day you plan to visit.